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Tell Us A Story: The Critical Thinking Triangle

Explore the art of story-telling with Speech and Language Pathologist, Sarah Konopka. Make story time an enjoyable learning experience for all and get the most out of your child with our tried and tested techniques.

Improving Social Communication Through Story-Telling


The art of story-telling is vital to the development of your child’s language development and communication skills.  Enhance your child’s ability to listen actively, improve their comprehension by dissecting a narrative and help them to utilize their visual imagination.  Our Director of Speech and Language Services, Sarah Konopka, takes you through her tried and testing learning resource tool.  Use the Critical Thinking Triangle to get the most out of your child through story-telling.  Make story time an enjoyable learning experience for all!


I show how I start teaching the Critical Thinking Triangle developed by the wonderful Mary Ellen Rooney Moreau. Critical Thinking Triangles are great for using concrete visual information combined with our own background knowledge to inference, take perspective and dissect the high point of narratives for better understanding."}}” data-block-type=”32″>

Visit Sarah’s YouTube channel for valuable tips, tricks and resources for developing your child’s speech and language skills.