Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Programme for Kids

Superflex TM is a Superhero Social Thinking curriculum that allows children to explore social thinking and social expectations in a fun, motivating and non-threatening way.  Students become aware of, and learn how to modify, their behaviour with Superflexible strategies!  Students are empowered to help themselves.

Children will join SuperflexTM and his “Team of Unthinkables” as they learn to increase their social skills and Superflexible thinking in order to become the Ultimate Superhero.

Why Superflex?

Superflex was created to help kids understand more about their own flexible and not-so-flexible thinking.  Children will learn to regulate their own behaviours in the moment, explore challenges and identify ways to modify their thoughts. They will understand hidden social cues and learn to regulate their physical presence, eyes, language, emotions and reactions through highly flexible thinking in a fun environment.

Kids enjoy being superheroes in training, flexing and building their social thinking and social skills.

The Program

The program will cover the following themese throughout fun and engaging activities: 

> How social information is part of the brain

> How we change behaviour

> What our brain is expected to do socially (Superflex)

> The thoughts that challenge our brains from doing our best (The Unthinkables)

Who is Superflex?

Superflex is unique to each individual.  There is not one gender or ethnicity.  Superflex can be tall, short, male, female, any race.

Superflex is YOU.