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Summer Emotional Regulation Group

This program is suitable for children 7-11 years old.

Dates & times

 At The Harbour School (THS)  July 8 (Mon) – 12 (Fri)  9 am – 12 pm


This program is suitable for children 7-11 years old.

The return to school after summer holidays can be exciting and full of hope, but it can also be challenging to adapt to school routines, behavioural expectations, and peer dynamics all over again. 

This program will focus on learning about emotions, perceptions, responses to conflict and coping skills as well as how our thoughts, behaviors and emotions are linked. Topics include:

  1. Social Skills. Conversation skills, taking turns listening and speaking, sharing, empathizing
  2. Working in Groups. Cooperating, compromising, taking perspective, understanding the circle of control
  3. Emotional Regulation. Managing big emotions like anger, disappointment and anxiety
  4. Mindfulness. Focusing on the present moment, self awareness and acceptance 

We will draw on art and play therapy techniques, as well as CBT-based approaches in order to foster the social and emotional development of your child.

Led by Katrina Rozga CCC MC (Psych)

Fees & applications

THS -- $7000 for five days

Please contact The Harbour School at if you have any questions about registration or fee payment.