Tailored to your students

Our new Social Success Club brings our popular psycho-educational group workshops directly to your school

Our Social Success Club is an 8-week program designed to help children who may be struggling with the skills we all take for granted. We aim to improve communication and bring out the best in your students.

Students will have fun while learning how to make friends, communicate thoughts and feelings, and gain success in social situations.  Not only do our creative classes allow kids to develop skills in responsibility, problem-solving, leadership, team building, and managing and understanding emotions, but will help to boost self-esteem and provide practical guidance in self-management.

Session duration: 50-60minutes, 8-weeks, minimum of 4 students per group.

Who will benefit from this program?

Students with the following difficulties will grow and benefit from the Social Success Club:

  • Need support developing their social skills
  • Have trouble making friends
  • Appear to have low self-esteem
  • Experience difficulty communicating their emotions
  • Are easily angry or frustrated
  • Have trouble working in a a team

Service breakdown

Teacher Consultation, Classroom Guidance, and Resources

Meetings with parents and teachers provide one-on-one guidance for each child. The Social Success Club will support learning modules from the classroom, where appropriate, and resources from group sessions are provided to classroom teachers for further reinforcement. Prior to program commencement, teachers will have the opportunity to discuss concerns with our facilitators and talk through upcoming schedule and communication plans.


We understand the need for flexible services that can fit into a school schedule. Our team will work with learning support staff to establish effective and efficient channels for referral, case management, scheduling and budget considerations.

Session Follow Up

Social Success Club facilitators will communicate (verbally or via email) with teachers on a weekly basis to discuss learning objectives for each session and update on sessions past.  There will also be a post course feedback session with teachers and parents (optional) to discuss outcomes and recommendations.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our practice includes psychologists with diverse training, a trained medical doctor, a literacy specialist, as well as speech and language therapists. When a student needs attention from a cross section of educational domains, our team schedules a case conference to discuss the intervention. We are well equipped to handle any difficult case through consultation all the way up to our clinical director, Dr. Jadis Blurton.

Additional Meetings

Our aim is to support each student as an individual, with his or her own unique potential. Within reason, we will take additional meetings with teachers, staff, parents, doctors, and other community support personnel, to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.

Please contact us for further details about course content and pricing.