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Sessions for Parents

Academic Stress

Hong Kong students face an incredible amount of academic pressure both in school from their teachers and peers, and at home from their families. Research by UNICEF Hong Kong reveals that 90% of students suffer from academic stress. Learn how it affects our children, the signs and symptoms of a child struggling with academic stress, and helpful strategies for managing and minimizing school-related stress. 30 min presentation.

How Much Screen Time?

In the age of social media and computers needed for school work, parents are questioning how much screen time is too much. This presentation, based entirely on the recommendations of various pediatric bodies as well as research based articles gives a look into what’s good, what’s bad and what do we not yet know about the effects of screens on our kids. While the amount of time is important, this presentation touches on the importance of considering content and type of media as well as the hours spent.

Helping Children with Social Anxiety

It is normal for children to be quiet in new situations or with people unfamiliar to them. However, shy or socially anxious children usually remain overly nervous, avoiding social situations that result in discomfort. We introduce a model to understand how anxiety develops and often becomes more severe. Most importantly, this model provides the basis for you to help your children develop more confidence socially and overcome their anxiety. We provide practical and useful advice on teaching your children the skills necessary to interact with others without becoming overly fearful.