Custody Evaluations


When should I order a psychological assessment?

Only in rare instances should a psychological assessment alone be ordered. One such instance may be if one party believes another is seriously psychologically impaired. 

What should I tell to the examiner?

Some parents are uncertain about which problems should be reported to the examiner — a general guideline is to distinguish between marital problems and parenting issues, and to focus on the latter. However, most divorcing parents have an equal number of complaints regarding the parenting capacity of the other party. In such cases, a psychological evaluation may not directly address the ultimate issue of custody and visitation. 

How long does the process take?

It varies depending on the needs of the client, however, we usually spend approximately 10-12 hours with each parent and 6 hours with each child.  It is also necessary to interview a number of collateral informants (i.e. nominated teachers, family friends, family members, medical progressionals, etc.) and conduct at least 2 home visits to gather supporting evidence. In total, a full custody evaluation for a family of 3 is comprised of approximately 30-35 hours.