The BFDC offers classes and workshops for CHILDREN, TEENS and ADULTS. Click on the images top learn more.

Many of the classes and workshops can be joined even after they have started. Contact us today for more details on any of our programs.


Little Learners Social Club 1

A fun group for 4-5 yo to learn to identify, understand and control their feelings. Fridays, starting Oct 6, 5-6 pm. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).


Little Learners 2

A continuation of our group for ages 4-6 yo. New members welcome! Thursdays, starting January 4, 4-5 pm. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).

Fall School Readiness!

A group for 7-11 yo to brush up on social skills, emotional regulation, empathizing and more. Tues, starting Oct 3, 4-5 pm. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).


More School Readiness!

More great social skills, emotional regulation, empathizing, and negotiating for 7-11 yo. Thurs, starting Jan 4, 5-6 pm. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).

Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness helps lower stress and anxiety levels, and improve focus and attention. A weekly group for kids 6-7 yo. Thurs, starting Jan 4. Led by Katrina Rozga MC (Psych).



Teen Check-In 1

This weekly group offers teens 12-15 yo safe space to talk about the challenges they face with friends, school, family or other issues. Wed, 5-6 pm, starting Oct 4. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).

Teen Check-In 2

A continuation of our fall check-in group for teens aged 12-15 yo.  New members welcome! Wed, 5-6 pm, starting Jan 10. Led by Katrina Rozga, MC (Psych).




Inner Landscapes

A workshop designed to build on your inner resources and discover opportunities for personal growth. Tues, 11am-12:15 pm starting Nov 21. Led by Marianne Lagutaine, AthR, MA (Art Therapy), MA (Counselling).