Psycho-Educational Assessments


Story 1: Georgia's story

Dear Jadis,

I am not sure whether you will remember Georgia. If you do not, I wouldn't be surprised because it's a long time since you met her. Anyway, here is the story. When Georgia was about seven I was very worried because I knew I had a super bright girl, but thought that she had dyslexia because her writing was so awful. You did various tests and confirmed that she was super bright, but that there was some dyslexia type stuff going on.

Because of your tests/discoveries, I really began to believe in Georgia and really began to do everything I could to help her achieve her true potential. As she comes to the end of her Grade 11 (Year 12), I just wanted to update you on how this super bright girl is doing.

Last summer she finished her GCSEs at Cheltenham Ladies' College, UK, getting 7 A*s and 3 As. Not bad for a dyslexic girl!

Prior to this, she applied to do IB at Sevenoaks School, Kent, UK, which is a top IB school and difficult to get a place in. She got in, starting there in August 2012. She has had a very good year and has been predicted 43/45, which is an amazing score. On the strength of this, she is going to apply to Cambridge University to read Human, Social and Political Science.  If she is not offered Cambridge, she is going to take a gap year and apply to IVYS in the US.

Georgia was diagnosed by Sevenoaks School, earlier this year, to see if she could be granted extra time in exams. She was, which is good. I attach the report for you to read, as you may be interested.

Thank you, Jadis. You set this ball rolling!

Testimonial from Fiona (Georgia's mother)