Psycho-Educational Assessments

The Process

The pre-assessment interview

Parents and teachers meet with one of our Clinical Psychologists to discuss the assessment, sharing background information and concerns, before taking away forms to complete, to provide insights into the child’s functioning in a variety of settings.




Conducted over a minimum of six hours of one-to-one test administration, these are all fun, interactive and positive. 




A team conference

Members of the assessment team discuss their impressions and the testing results, drawing on everyone’s areas of expertise, and utilizing our wider team of clinicians if necessary, to provide a comprehensive assessment.





The report

Our reports (20-30 pages) provide a comprehensive picture of the child at the time of the assessment, including background information, observations from parents and teachers, specific test results, summary and conclusions, and recommendations for home and for school.




The debriefing

At our debriefing, we meet with the child and parents to present and explain the results in positive terms, with an emphasis on strengths. Parents will be provided with a full treatment plan for the child, including strategies to address problem areas, as well as how to continue to support areas of strength.