我們將會派兩位Family Development Center同事進行評估。年幼的學生最好在早上,而年齡較大的學生可以選擇下午,有些青少年甚至可能更喜歡在傍晚進行評估。評估時間是基於您的孩子的年齡,日程安排和個人喜好決定。




第一,我們可聯絡UIS, UIS與我們可密切地合作,這將是最好的選擇,而他們已經表明這是可行的,但我們還要跟各方確認。

第二,我們的團隊將留在廣州的酒店, 我們可以在酒店的會議室進行評估。





如果您有任何問題,請直接跟我聯繫。希望能再次看到你, 祝有一個愉快的一天。


Length of assessment

To administer a full battery of psychometric tests it usually takes 6 hrs. We break this up into 3 hr time slots. This means, if your child is being assessed, he/she will need to take off 1/2 a school day each day, over two days.


Two of the family development team can be available over 3 full days. Younger children work best in the morning, while older children can work later into the afternoon and some teenagers may even prefer to be tested in the early evening. Time slots should be decided upon based on your child's age, daily schedule and their personal preference.

Testing venue

Once we have secured enough interest, we will secure the testing venue. We have two options: 

  1. Our team will stay in a respectable hotel in Guangzhou with conference room facilities available for use.
  2. We can approach your school to collaborate closely with them throughout the process. This would be the best option and they have indicated this is a possibility but this option needs to be confirmed with the appropriate parties from your school. 


A total of 24 hours is spent on testing and report writing for each assessment. This process involves 3 doctorate level staff and one psychometrician. Our price of 18,000 RMB is comparable to current market rates in Hong Kong.


After completing this form no further action is required and our office will contact you.