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School Shadowing Service

Some children have difficulty adjusting to the school environment. Others struggle with school-related behavioral issues. The BFDC offers a School Shadowing Service for children who would benefit from support specifically designed to be implemented in a school setting. 

Who is this service for?

This service is for children aged 5-11 years old who face difficulties following instructions or who cause certain disruptions in class.

Children with ADHD, ASD, and developmental disabilities may also benefit from this program, which is tailor-made to each student’s needs.

Do you have other concerns about your child’s behavior at school? Discuss them with our counsellors.  

How it Helps

The service is designed to enhance socially acceptable behaviors that are needed in school. Simple goals include waiting to take turns, asking for help when needed, and using appropriate language to interact better with classmates and teachers.

Benefits include:

  • Improved motivation and  focus during class time (e.g. boost self-confidence and motivation to complete necessary work)
  • Decrease in possible problematic behaviors during class times (e.g. sudden screaming, sudden running around with no apparent reason)
  • Improve emotional regulation (e.g. children who may experience anxiety, frustration and anger etc. in school)
  • Enhance appropriate social and behavioral skills to increase positive peer and teacher interactions
  • Assist with developmental difficulties (e.g. assist in understanding of teacher’s instructions etc.)  
How it Works
  1. Referral – From school or parents.
  2. Meetings – Where appropriate, the BFDC will arrange initial meetings with relevant individuals at school e.g. principal, teacher, school counsellors/psychologists, as well as parents.
  3. Observation – In-class observation by a BFDC clinician to better understand what needs to be improved and worked on in school.
  4. Work Plan – BFDC will create a highly individualised work plan (e.g. identifying positive/negative reinforcements, use of tokens etc.) that can be implemented by those in school and at home.
  5. Review – Review ongoing progress and the school timetables, review with relevant school teachers, heads of schools, parents etc. to see how to fine-tune and enhance the plan. Make adjustments to the work plan to improve ease of delivery and effectiveness.
  6. Fade Out – Depending on the progress made by the child, slowly fade out the frequency of shadowing needed.
About Carmen Ip

The School Shadowing Service is provided by the BFDC’s Carmen Ip. She is a Counselling Psychologist who specializes in working with children in Hong Kong. She has experience working in schools and providing counselling services and workshops for children and adolescents both in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

To contact Carmen Ip directly, click HERE.