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Mobile Services

Our Assessment Team will travel to international schools outside Hong Kong to administer psychoeducational assessments to children in underserved regions, including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

We understand that not all families can to travel to Hong Kong for a psychoeducational assessment or related services. That is why the BFDC routinely travels to international schools outside the region to offer full assessment services to children as a part of our Mobile Services program. 

We serve locations in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Assessments are available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

How it Works

  1. A minimum of four individual children must be booked for an assessment for the team to travel to any given region. International schools typically coordinate and contact the BFDC for this part of the process.
  2. A specific referral for a psychoeducational assessment from a school psychologist, Special Learning Services teacher, paediatrician or family therapist is not required, but is helpful.
  3. The assessment process for all the subjects will take 2-3 days with BFDC experts taking the necessary time to interview the children, parents, and teachers, and conduct written and oral tests.
  4. The BFDC team will complete the remaining tasks of drawing together data, results, impressions, and observations back in our Hong Kong office.
  5. Parents and children will receive the findings and recommendations via video conference in less than one month’s time.

Follow-up and Support

Students who are struggling at school can often benefit from specific strategies that support and develop skills such as emotional regulation, time management, listening, and focus. Our Student Success Coach offers one-on-one online sessions to help children achieve their full potential, and is available to children who have undergone an Assessment with the BFDC. We also offer Online Services in speech, language and literacy support, as well as online counseling and therapy, where suitable.

For more information, or to book our Mobile Assessment Service, please contact us at: