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Emotional Regulation

Suitable for children 6 to 8 yo (Grade 1-2/Year 2-3)

Dates & times

Registration for this group opens November 3, 2021. 

DATES: December 20-23, 2021

TIMES: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

VENUE: The Harbour School

Places are limited. Group size will be maximum 8 children.


This group is suitable for kids aged 6-8 years old (grade 1-2, year 2-3).

Emotion regulation is crucial for healthy emotional and social development. It helps build appropriate interpersonal skills, independence, and self-control.

Young children often have difficulty understanding their various daily emotions. Big emotions like anger, frustration, and even joy can be overwhelming. They can struggle to verbalize their feelings to adults. They may also face challenges in coping with some of the tensions that come with big feelings. 

The session aims to help young children understand and regulate their own emotions. Children will actively engage with each other in the group, as well as with the group leader, to learn appropriate ways to express and manage their big feelings. Activities will be fun and interactive, giving kids the tools to head back to school after the break with a whole knew understanding of their feelings, friendships, and how to act and react.

This program will also help identify any unique challenges that each child may experience. The school year will go smoother and happier with emotional regulation skills!

Topics include:

• Identifying different emotions 
• Problem solving difficult emotions 
• Breaking down problems based on how you’re feeling and how to tackle them
• Understanding the meaning of relationships with others
• Understanding the difference between your own feelings versus another’s feelings
• Managing stressful situations and how to relax

Led by Carmen Ip
MSc, MA, BSc(Hons)
Counselor, Counseling Psychologist, PsyD Candidate
Hong Kong Registered Psychologist (RDCoP)
UK Registered Psychotherapist (MBACP)

Fees & applications

BFDC - $3000 for four days

Registration opens November 3 through the The Harbour School FISH website. Click the button below for more information, and to register.