Coaching & Counseling for Kids & Adults

Tools for Change to Unlock Your Potential

Coaching and Counseling are both mediums used as tools for change and growth in an individual. Whilst the definitions of each can appear similar, they are quite distinct and can work well together depending on the specific needs of the client. This combined approach has been proven to work well not only with adults, but with children. It is particularly effective for teens as they enter the transition period during their final years of school and need to make decisions about their future.
The goal of the coach is to firstly help the client identify where they are at in their life and where they want to get to. The next step is to facilitate in working out how the client can reach those goals. The coaching focus is on the persons present in order to help them create actionable strategies for achieving specific goals. Emphasis is on action, movement and accountability - helping the client focus on what they really want and then develop specific, measurable and realistic goals complimentary to their individual abilities.
Along the way, hurdles may arise that require therapeutical intervention, which is where it is necessary for the “Coach” to have the counseling training to address within the context of the coaching relationship. For example, a client may struggle with self-doubt or anxiety which is holding them back from unlocking their potential. Personal emotional issues can be easily identified if they are seen to be encroaching on the clients ability to move forward to grasp the perceived changes they need in order to maximize their new coaching skills and techniques. A counselor is trained to recognize to know when to look into the past because it can impact on the present.
In conjunction with our Emotional Wellness Partner, Mindquest Group - we have a team of counselors based at the FDC who are also trained “Coaches” including Justine Campbell, Lucy Graham and Claire Turnbull.   Being experienced at both gives our clients the maximum benefit of having an all encompassing experience.   If you would like to discuss how “Coaching” could work for you or your child, please email: for more information.