We are currently recruiting for:

The BFDC is not currently recruiting. Please check back for any opportunities that might arise with us in the future.



Guidance for new psychologists:

We're often asked to provide guidance to new psychologists in Hong Kong about how they should pursue their opportunities here. Consistently, across the board, we give two pieces of information:

1) Sign up for the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong. The Psychotherapy Society is a great place to get to know other practitioners from other parts of Hong Kong and other fields of practice. 

2) Sign up for the Hong Kong Psychological Society. As well as all of the benefits that come with another academic society, our hope is that the Hong Kong Psychological Society will one day be the regulating body for practitioners in Hong Kong. Currently, there is no regulation limiting psychologists from acting outside of their field of expertise. We are hoping HKPS can remedy that. 

Apart from being members, we have no affiliation with these societies. However, we believe in their missions, hope for their success, and find them to be valuable resources to any psychologist in Hong Kong. 

If you'd like to discuss further guidance or have any specific questions, they can be emailed to


Spaces are often available for supervision and consultation for psychologists and interns. For more information, please contact our office.