Third Culture Kids

Having spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture, Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) often experience the world in a different way to most.  The ‘Third Culture’ becomes the result of internalizing aspects from a series of host cultures and that of their parents.  Often, these kids don’t feel fully connected in any culture and might find it hard to form their identity which can often all get a bit too much.

Travel and re-location can be exciting, but this lifestyle can lack stability and consistent familiarity.  Energy is spent on adjusting to a new place and new cultures, transitioning between countries, or trying to adapt behavior.

Who Am I?

Establishing their identity can be difficult.  The feeling of not belonging and being seen as a foreigner can have an effect on confidence and identification.

What have I left behind?

Moving can be emotional. Often associated with the feeling of loss, leaving behind old friends, schools, communities etc. Grief. Loss. Anger.

Where do I belong?

Their sense of belonging comes into crisis.  The feeling of not fitting in, or being the ‘new kid’ can be associated with a lack of control.

Making new friends.  

TCK’s tend to relate to one another but can find it difficult to get close, either due to fear of leaving or worries about being different.

How We Can Help

Searching for the right place is a natural part of life we often take for granted.  When it comes under threat, we tend to experiences negative feelings of doubt, question our self worth and lose our confidence.  Having the right support in these times is important.  Working with a counselor can help the transition, integrate issues of belonging and identity and help the child to establish a greater awareness of where they are from, who they are and who they strive to be.  

Join Our Group Workshop

Families will work together to create solutions, develop support networks and establish coping mechanisms for various life challenges.  We will also work on building resilience and bring together positive elements of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic relationships.

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