Support Group for Adolescents with Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem for adolescents, especially in Hong Kong where expectations for academic success tend to be extremely high and competition is often fierce.

We are delighted to announce a FREE support group or adolescents (age 12-17 years) who are at risk for or who suffer from excessive anxiety. Lead by Dr. Doug Seiden, the group meets every Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, beginning on 7 January 2017. The group meets at the Jadis Blurton Family Development Center and snacks will be provided.

Adolescents are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible but regular attendance is not mandatory.

The support group will help adolescents with anxiety better manage stress, and will offer a variety of coping strategies. Group participants will also share their own successes. All group meetings will be highly interactive.

Strategies to be taught and discussed include the following:

  • Identifying negative stressors
  • Developing strategies to prevent negative stressors from leading to anxiety
  • Becoming more aware when negative stressors begin contributing to excessive anxiety
  • Developing strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of negative stressors
  • Developing new and more effective coping strategies to reduce and manage anxiety
  • Increasing social support to both protect against developing anxiety and decrease its symptoms if it begins to become a problem.


Saturday 11am - 12.30pm

12-17 years

Starting 7th Jan 2017

Please refer parents of any of your adolescent students who are at risk for or have developed anxiety.

You can contact Dr. Doug Seiden directly below if you have any questions.