Dr. Alison Cook


Assessment consultant

Dr. Cook qualified from London University and worked as a General Medical Practitioner in the UK before moving to Hong Kong in 2002. During her time in the UK, she was appointed as Community Health Doctor, caring for children with medical needs in mainstream schools. Aside from her work as a GP and Community Health Doctor, she has also worked in community and hospital psychiatric and paediatric positions. Her expertise extends to executive functioning and psychoeducational assessments in children, and she has a particular interest in supporting both children and adults with attentional difficulties.  She also is a longstanding executive officer of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong.   

In Hong Kong, Alison has had direct experience with the education system and first-hand knowledge of the issues facing children when moving abroad. In addition to her unique perspective on “third culture kids” and the difficulties of the transitional period when moving overseas, Alison also worked on patient education and assisted on medical and academic publications for numerous professional medical journals.

For years Dr. Cook has been pursuing her interest in helping children and adults with attention disorders. In addition to increasing their working memory and focus, her students (both children and professionals) have had measurable improvement in reading comprehension, mathematical ability, attention span, time management and organizational skills

Dr. Cook currently oversees psychoeducational assessments, helping to provide meaningful diagnoses, recommendations and educational optimizations that have a positive impact in a child's life.