Accommodations for SAT, AP and IB Testing

Book an Assessment Update in the month of January or February, and receive 10% off the regular fee.
Assessment Updates are for students already carrying a previous diagnosis.

SAT Testing

Children with ADHD, learning disorders, communication disorders, and those who fall on the autism spectrum, among others, are eligible for SAT accommodations. Please visit the College Board website for a full list of those who are eligible, the application process, and further submission deadlines.

AP Exams

Students taking Advanced Placement exams may apply for testing accommodations, included extended time, more frequent breaks, computer use for essays, small testing groups and more. Students with learning disorders, ADHD, and who require extra time for due to competency matters related to reading, listening, speaking, written expression and mathematical calculation, are among those eligible for accommodations. Please visit the College Board website for detailed information about who is eligible, the application process, and submission deadlines.

IB Testing

Children with learning disabilities, specific learning difficulties, communication and speech difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, social, emotional and behavior challenges, and multiple disabilities and/or physical, sensory, medical or mental health issues are eligible for IB inclusive access arrangements. Visit the IB website for more information about their inclusive arrangement program.


Contact the BFDC to book an assessment today at (852) 2869 1962.