Writer's Club!

This group is suitable for children in Grades 3-4.

Monday to Friday, July 23 - 27 from 1:30 pm to 4 pm.

This group focuses on developing children's reading comprehension skills using strategies such as visualizing what they read, understanding the main idea, understanding fact vs opinion and the author's intent. It also focuses on writing structure for 2 types of texts: narratives and reports. The writing includes understanding the purpose of the text, brainstorming and discussing the topic, writing a plan, writing with structure, editing. Maximum of 6 students per group.

$5500 for five days, including one individual needs assessment session and one individual follow-up recommendations session.

Any desired refunds must be requested by one week prior to the first scheduled group session (by July 16, 2018). Prorated refunds will not be offered after these dates in the event of partial or full non-attendance after July 16, 2018

Led by Fiona McElhone CPSP, Speech and Language Therapist