Super Summer Skills

This group is suitable for children 7-11 years old.

Monday to Friday, July 23 - July 27 from 9:30 am - 11:30 am

A fun and interactive week-long camp to help kids learn, review and polish social-emotional regulation skills. Includes fun activities such as art, music and crafts to ensure they are having fun while learning!

The way children interact with their peers and handle their emotions can set the stage for success or distress as they develop and confront the individual and social challenges of growing up. The ability to accurately recognize one’s emotions leads to better impulse control and self-regulation, while taking perspective and practicing empathy will inform good decision making and negotiating conflicts.

Sessions will focus on learning about emotions, perceptions, responses to conflict and coping skills as well as how our thoughts, behaviors and emotions are linked. We will draw on art and play therapy techniques, as well as CBT based approaches along with a large variety of fun activities that will challenge and entertain all who join.

The overall objective for these sessions is to equip your children with an increased ability to self-manage their emotions and to demonstrate better communication and relationship skills while giving them a fun and interactive summer experience.

$5500 for five days, including one individual needs assessment session and one individual follow-up recommendations session.

Any desired refunds must be requested by one week prior to the first scheduled group session (by July 16, 2018). Prorated refunds will not be offered after these dates in the event of partial or full non-attendance afterJuly 16, 2018

Led Katrina Rozga CCC, MC (Psych), BAH (Psych)