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Speak Up!

A social communication course for children 10-13 years old

Dates & times

 THS – The Grove   July 26 (Mon) – 30 (Fri), 2021  9:00 am – 12:00 pm


A social communication course for children 10-13 years old.

It is widely understood that children with better social skills have a significant advantage in life. They tend to have better positive relationships, perform better in school, have a better self-esteem, and in general, are much more resilient as they face challenges in life.

For many children however, it can be challenging to start up a conversation, join in a conversation, ask questions, and participate in social activities. Learning how to effectively communicate in social settings can help us make friends more easily, and participate comfortably and confidently in social situations.

This camp is for 10-13 year olds who would benefit from further support in building relationships, sharing their feelings and/or interacting confidently with their peers.

Each day of this summer camp will target a different skill set, including:

  • Communicating with others (eg. initiating conversations, getting to know other people)
  • Non verbal communication skills (eg. tone of voice, posture, gestures, personal space)
  • Being part of a group (eg. asking questions, cooperating, joining a new group)
  • Expressing your feelings (eg. talking about your feelings, empathy, self control, dealing with anger)
  • Standing up for yourself (eg. establishing a positive attitude, dealing with teasing & bullying, group pressure)

These sessions will be practical and interactive. Students will be encouraged to be brave and courageously share their thoughts with the group.

Led by Stephanie Eber, Speech Pathologist

Fees & applications

THS -- $3500 for five days

Please contact THS at if you have any questions about registration or fee payment. For more course choices, please visit the Fully Immersive Scholars Holiday (F.I.S.H) website.