The BFDC offers classes and workshops for CHILDREN, TEENS and ADULTS.

Many of the classes and workshops can be joined even after they have started. Contact us today for more details on any of our programs.



Holiday Literacy Intensives

Week-long summer sessions for reading, writing and spelling for Lower Primary and Middle Primary students. July 3-7 & Aug 21-25. Register today, spaces are limited!


Social-Emotional Learning (6-8)

A group for children 6-8 yo. Kids will learn to regulate their emotional reactions, empathize, learn to cooperate and negotiate, and much more. Thurs, 4-5 pm, starting Aug 31.

School Readiness (8-11)

An intensive 3-week workshop to help kids ages 8-11 yo review and polish social-emotional regulation skills for the next school year. Tues and Thurs, starting Aug 8, 4-5 pm. Led by Katrina Rozga, MA




How to Worry Less

CBT and mindfulness practices to help teens, 14-17 yo, gain the ability to reduce worry and to manage stress and anxiety more effectively. Thursdays, in Aug-Sept. Led by Marianne Lagutaine MA, AthR and Jackie Lam.


CBT for Teen OCD

Exposure and Response Prevention, an effective CBT therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for teens age 13-17 years. Includes an initial assessment. Two sessions, June-July or Aug. Led by Dr. Doug Seiden.




CBT Meditation

Cognitive Behavioral Meditation Training for adults to better manage stress, mood and overthinking. Tuesdays this summer, 7:00-8:00 pm,  June-July or July-Aug. Lead by Dr. Doug Seiden.

Overcoming Insomnia

CBT treatment for insomnia. Identify the specific factors that interfere with sleep and address each of these to get your sleep-cycle back to normal. Sat in July-Aug. Led by Dr. Doug Seiden.

inner landscapes.jpeg

Inner Landscapes

Art-based workshops for women. Using the creative process and the inherently healing properties of art, these sessions help you connect with yourself and those around you. Tues mornings, Aug-Sept.