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How to Tell Your Children About the Divorce

Separation and divorce is an emotionally intensive period for couples. Find out how to help buffer children from this upheaval, and find a calm, caring way to tell them about the news.

Dates & times

DATE: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TIME: 8 PM to 9 PM

PLATFORM: Google Hangouts


Presented by Dr. Roy Chan

Separation and divorce is an emotionally intensive process for couples. The goal for many couples is to reduce the emotional impact of this difficult time on their children.

This workshop explores how to set emotional boundaries, differentiate between the roles of partner versus parent, create a comfortable and secure setting to break the news to children, and help children navigate this emotionally trying period.

Parents can gain the following knowledge:

  • Understand the level of awareness that children have with regards to their parents’ separation, based on data from research on divorce.
  • Understand how to contain our potentially negative emotions towards our partner so as to enable us continue in our role as a parent.
  • Create an interim plan between both partners so as to maintain stability for the children’s lives.
  • Navigate potential obstacles (e.g. time, type of activity, access to the house) when creating a plan.
  • Decide on a setting to have a conversation in a calm, neutral, and composed way.
  • Guiding your children on a transition towards life after the separation (e.g. how to welcome your children to set up their space in your new home).
About Dr. Roy Chan
Dr. Roy obtained his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology from the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Dr. Roy is trilingual in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He is comfortable with different cultures and has worked in various international and local settings in Singapore and Hong Kong. He has a preference with helping his clients explore their relationships with other people and objects from a psychodynamic perspective.
Roy is a regular speaker at schools and corporations to provide education on psychology. He last spoke at Goldman Sachs family forum in support of the continued development of social skills during COVID-19. Roy started his career as an autism therapist in school for children with moderate to severe autism in Singapore and worked with the ASD population for the past 8 years.
If you have any questions about this event, please contact him at


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