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Dr. Ken Fung, Finalist for the 2020 Influencer Awards

Dr. Fung has been selected by Hong Kong Living as a finalist in the category of Health and Wellness.

The BFDC is very proud to announce that Dr. Ken Fung has been selected as a finalist in the Hong Kong Living Influencer Awards in the category of Health and Wellness.

Dr. Ken Fung established his social media-based clinic, “Your Relationship Clinic” for Chinese speakers in 2013, and English speakers in 2020. He steadily built a following of over 8,900 people through meaningful mini-surveys and posts that encouraged reflection and discussion about relationship matters. Through Instagram and Facebook, Dr. Fung has been able to provide support and guidance to many who do not have ready access to mental health services.

After his own divorce in 2018, Dr. Fung found he had gained greater empathy for his clients undergoing relationship difficulties. His experience, he believes, has made him a more understanding therapist. He has used this expanded understanding to offer compassionate psychological advice to those he helps both online and in-person. “I’ve learnt to put my own agenda aside to earn the trust and respect of my clients. No one can be influential without being willing to be influenced first,” he told Hong Kong Living.

Dr. Fung’s work has extended beyond his primary expertise as a relationship counsellor. He has used online tools to also reach and support those traumatised by social unrest in Hong Kong. Winning the trust of young people affected by violence was essential to helping them process their feelings. 

The BFDC offers its heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Ken Fung!