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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is typically a confidential, short-term counselling service provided to employees by their employer. But EAPs can provide much more. EAPs help employees address mental health issues that adversely affect their everyday lives – including their ability to work.

The Benefits of EAPs

Research suggests that about 20% of workers have mental health issues that are serious enough to interfere with their ability to work effectively. EAPs can significantly reduce the effects of these issues through early intervention and treatment.

The benefits of having an effective EAP program are numerous, improving employee performance and productivity, and reducing absenteeism. They also protect the collective mental health of the organisation, boosting morale and overall wellness. EAPs also serve to help retain valued workers, and attract new talent. Health-related benefits are known to be attractive to prospective employees.

Our Services

The BFDC offers a range of psychological services to businesses and organisations with an existing EAP, or who wish to develop their own program, tailor-made to their workplace. Contact the BFDC to discuss creating a service package for your EAP.

Our services include:

Individual and Group Counselling

Our psychologists and therapists are trained in a number of different psychotherapeutic techniques and theoretical frameworks. We feel that it is important to use a range of approaches that are determined by the particular needs, personal styles, and goals of the individual, couple, family or organization. We always consider the best interests of the client(s) and shape our approach specifically to their unique requirements. We also recognize that confidentiality is central in providing ethical and client-focused services and this remains the case in business-oriented offerings.

Our clinicians are able to offer services on a one-to-one basis, in groups, or family and couples therapy. These can be provided in our offices or in a quiet, private area within the company’s office space. All of our therapeutic services are also available online through a variety of platforms including Theraplatform, which is a HIPPAA compliant video conferencing service, as well as Skype, Facetime, WeChat or any other that the client prefers.

Wellness Workshops

We make it our business to know the current trends and best practices in the arena of mental health. BFDC experts are routinely called on to provide on-line and on-site support and training to employees, providing them with the tools necessary to recognize and manage challenges to their mental wellness, including instructive sessions on mindfulness and stress management. Our sessions also cover best practices for the workplace, and the use of psychological knowledge to enhance and improve business. The BFDC can also tailor-make workshops for your organization’s needs as you see fit. Some examples of our workshops include:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace
Parenting in Times of Uncertainty
Cross-Cultural Sensitivity for Working with International Clients
Insomnia and How to Get a Better Night’s Rest
Distress Tolerance

Corporate Training and Development

The study of psychology offers particular insights into human behavior which may be harnessed to improve leadership and management, teamwork and morale, interaction with clients and much more.

Critical Incident and Trauma Debriefing

The BFDC offers consultation and support to individuals and organizations in the aftermath or in the midst of a crisis. A combination of in-situ interventions plus an after-hours email address, phone number and social media tools that can be used to engage the organization at large, support those experiencing the negative effects of a crisis and educate the people caring for them on how to help.

Mental Health Checks

Mental health checks include a range of check-ups that help identify potential risks to the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce. Such checks can be helpful in detecting employees struggling with emotional burdens or mental illness before it becomes unmanageable or unbearable. Employees can then be referred for appropriate support, thereby averting any unnecessary decline and suffering – or even a crisis.

Life Coaching

At times, individuals may feel stuck or unable to move forward with achieving a specific goal, or alternatively may need help in working through a life problem that does not fit a specific clinical definition. They may benefit from our coaching services. This service can aid employees in dealing with difficult relationships in the office, figuring out how to move forward in their careers, or in making difficult decisions. Sometimes an employee may need to speak with someone, but does not feel they require the help of what is viewed as traditional, clinical therapy. A life coach or counsellor can help.

Employee Assessment

There are a number of well-known personality and aptitude assessment tools that are used in the workplace to help individuals better understand their strengths, and how to apply them at work. The results of these assessments are frequently a helpful source of information to employers as well, who can use them to anticipate best practices for management. The demand for psychological testing in the workplace has also resulted in new instruments developed specifically to measure job related attributes such as work interests, personality, aptitude, motivation, and leadership skills.

The BFDC can provide specialized assessment services for families who are concerned about their children, especially those who are struggling with education and learning.

Add-on Specialty Services

We offer a range of add-on services in line for employees or their family members with identified needs. They include speech and language services, and literacy interventions using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

The care and well-being of our clients is our top priority. Our aim is to provide early intervention, positive support, and a solutions-oriented approach that will leave clients with the tools to cope and thrive. As experienced mental health professionals, we take pride in ensuring that our EAP referrals have guaranteed access to:

  • Compassionate, highly confidential services
  • Highly trained psychologists
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Prompt bookings, including same-day appointments for urgent matters
  • Face-to-face appointments or via telephone or secure video conferencing

Contact the BFDC today to discuss how we can help build a custom EAP package for your workplace.